About Us

From it's inception as a privately owned trucking company in 2003, Butacis Trucking, Inc. has been focused on providing excellent services at a great value.

Butacis Trucking has grown rapidly. Based in the Chicagoland area, with headquarters in Skokie, IL, our service territory has now expanded to 48 states, and we currently have the drivers and trucks ready to deliver exceptional service to our customers. Our fleet, exclusively comprised of well maintained, newer Volvo and Freightliner tractors, gives us a competitive advantage in the trucking industry in terms of quality and reliability.

What makes us different from the hundreds of trucking companies that offer shipment services is our core value: customer focus. We prioritize customer service and  trust that together we can find solutions to move your shipment at the speed and cost that best meets your needs.

Furthermore, the satellite tracking devices that we have in each unit enable us to monitor shipment progress in real-time. We can contact our drivers immediately if you need to change the direction of your shipment, and we take pride in ensuring that your shipment is delivered on time.

We strive to provide exceptional service for our customers by constantly monitoring the safety of our drivers and our equipment. We care about the safety of the public, our drivers, and our trucks.  We are proud to announce the addition of our own truck repair facility that manages and maintains our fleet on a daily basis.  Equipment maintenance is lead by our very qualified head mechanic, who together with his team, keep our fleet up and running.

We believe in treating our drivers as individuals.  Their road safety is one of the most important aspects of our business. We provide ongoing safety training and performance assessments for our drivers and employees, ensuring that you can count on Butacis Trucking to deliver your products as well as superior customer service.

If you are interested in putting your career on the winning path and becoming part of our team, apply online here or call us at 8479998555